Galleria Ristorante – A Romantic Restaurant With Old World Charm

Galleria Italian Restaurant, is considered a culinary cornerstone and hallmark of fine dining in the village of Westbury. Our eyes feasted on the elegant dining room, romantic dim lighting and enchanting decor as we were cordially welcomed by the Maitre d’ dressed in a formal white jacket. Newly renovated within the last six months, the etched glass windows, hard wood appointments, chic mirrors and elegant furnishings give Galleria customers an old world continental dining experience with a contemporary flare.

Galleria Ristorante has been delighting patrons for over 30 years and continues to wine and dine a myriad of notables, politicos, as well as a plethora of loyal patrons. At the helm of this illustrious restaurant is restaurateur Dominick Zelko whose success is based on a legendary career that got its start at the renowned Century Club of Manhattan.

Our splendid culinary escapade began with a cucumber gin Martini which was the perfect aperitif to enjoy before our antipasto, with its fresh-tasting cucumbers and exquisite gin. After taking in the visual splendor of this establishment, and that Martini, we were promptly presented with an artful display of Crostinis with well seasoned rustic bruschetta, gaeta olives, parmesan cheese, and cacciatorini. The saltiness of the olives, cacciatorini and parmesan cheese combined with the nicely crusted Crostini succeeded in teasing our appetites and making us eager for more.

We must preface with the fact that everything we were about to taste was made to order, and we mean everything – it’s the way things have been done at Galleria since the beginning. For example, we wanted to taste a variety of their pasta dishes so they created a shared dish of their fresh made Pasta Farfalle in a pesto sauce with toasted pignoli nuts and Cavatelli Pasta with veal ragu joined together to create a lavish collaboration. It was obvious that the Cavatelli was hand- rolled, and specifically paired with the veal ragu sauce to make a dish so delectable we easily wanted seconds! We then ventured towards the scrumptious bow-tie pasta served with house-made pesto sauce sprinkled with pignoli nuts and accented with baby shrimp. Sheer bliss would be the best way to describe these flawlessly seasoned pasta selections.

Our senses were then allured by the wonderful aroma of our next entree – the Saltimbocca. This traditional adaptation of tender veal with paper thin prosciutto served on a bed of spinach in a sage sauce was a succulent affair that culinary dreams are made of.

It was obvious to our taste buds that their talented chef put his heart into each dish after sampling our next savory delight. Again, this was a plate which featured two different entrees. There was the Veal Marsala and Chicken Portofino each fighting for our undivided attention. Both were out of this world tender with the lightly battered Chicken Portofino in a lemon sauce and the Veal Marsala appropriately covered with shiitake mushrooms.

The last entree was a hearty Wild Alaskan Salmon adorned with homemade fried potato sticks on a bed of endive and arugula. The wild Alaskan caught Salmon certainly caught our attention with its incredibly fresh and wholesome flavor. The fresh herbs perfectly accompanied the salmon filet which was bright and flavorful. This dish is just right for anyone interested in a healthy meal while also looking for something exceptionally tasty.

It was time for some delicious desserts to be relished along with the glass of prosecco and espresso we ordered. We delighted in the tasty tower of twice-baked Biscotti Cookies with almonds which was the perfect dipping partner to our coffee. The Poached Pears were the final course to amuse our palate. These sweet Poached Pears were delicately cooked in a subtle white wine bath creating a balanced accompaniment to the dry prosecco.

Galleria Ristorante has the old world charm that instantly embraces you as you walk in. Besides having superb cuisine with an extensive wine selection, it also offers a fabulous opportunity to experience classic dining at its finest. The waitstaff are extremely obliging and conscientious about meeting the diner’s every need. This is an elegant restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and luscious cuisine ideal for any occasion.

Overall RatingExceptional


Ambiance & Décor: Elegant & Inviting

Prices: $30 – $50

Website: Galleria Ristorante

238 Post Avenue
Westbury, 11590