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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce and welcome you to Long Island Food Critic, your definitive source for objective information pertaining to food & beverage on Long Island.

Expanding on the success of the Long Island Food Critic, this site offers more reviews and additional in-depth information about restaurants, chefs, vineyards, gourmet shops, wine & food tasting events, food purveyors & Long Island farm stands.

We would like to thank the thousands of subscribers that have helped make the Long Island Food Critic the hallmark of all that is wonderfully edible in the place we call home.

As you already know, Long Island Food Critic is all about providing invaluable information regarding food & beverage on Long Island. What you may not be aware of, however, is how serious we are about it.

We’re all about the food. Whether it be the most delicious Beef Wellington, the most authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine, the tastiest Veal Lasagna, the best Aged Porterhouse, the freshest Seafood or the most interesting New American Infusion, we’re all about the food.

This site is not about finding a hotel or airline tickets – a limo or a four star resort – it’s all about the food! Our entire Long Island Food Critic team takes this extremely seriously. After all, we were dedicated foodies long before the term became popular.

Our staff of chefs, sommeliers, food experts, and industry advisors are dedicated to providing the most accurate up to date information that may just change the way you think about food, wine & dining. You’ll also have a lot of fun along the way.

Otherwise-intelligent people who don’t know any better think we have one of the cushiest jobs in the world – As food critics we get to eat some of the best foods and later write about the experience. If they only knew the reality.

We think it is of crucial importance to provide the most accurate review possible. However it is not our interest to restaurant bash while an establishment’s reputation hangs in the balance.

We are not focused on providing information based on our negative dining experiences at restaurants. Our purpose and emphasis is informing you which restaurants you should try and what is best to eat there.

We are Long Island Food Critic and we are quite proud of Long Island’s hard working restaurateurs that have continually made our area one of the best regions for dining.

With that said, we hope to provide you with the resources to better enable & enhance your Long Island dining experience.

Bon Appetit!